Armored Wallet Set of 6


Armored Wallets protect your credit card information from being stolen with RFID Scanners. Each design set includes the 6 sleeves shown- two of each of three designs.  They recently redid their packaging and increased the number of sleeves in nicer packaging. Designs are Sunflowers, Monet’s Bridge and Starry Light. Enjoy! Van Gogh’s Iris no longer ships in this assortment.



Our Armored Wallets are the RFID credit card sleeves that protect credit card sleeve from RFID scanners with a patented tear resistant material.  RFID ( Radio frequency identification) chips are being inserted into credit and debit cards.  Criminals use RFID scanners to obtain credit card information directly through your purse, pocket or wallet.  Armored sleeves completely block these scanners. Each packet gives you (6) sleeves for your chip cards: two of each design. Be Smart-Be Safe-Be RFID Protected. Proudly made in the USA!