Bah Hum Bugs!


You’ve heard of ‘Bah Hum Bugs’- Now You Know What They Look Like!

Everyone knows a ‘Bah Hum Bug’, especially at the holidays.  These little guys are custom made at ArtWare and they have always been a seasonal hit.  Several years ago, we were heading to a Christmas party and I suggested, as a joke, we bring a plastic bug to put on the cookie tray. Well, it’s a Christmas party, so he should be wearing a little hat. So, we made him a little hat. That silly bug was the hit of the party. The next day, 4-5 people came in wanting more. More?!  So, we started making them in small batches. This year, we’ll send 250 out the door. They go on holiday packages, mixed in baked goods, Grandmas tuck them in their visiting Grandson’s sheets, people leave them for their exterminator….the list is endless.  If you’d like to print off your own Bah Hum Bug Cards, I attached the file for you to print.  Spread your own warped brand of Christmas joy.

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These little hat wearing Bah Hum Bugs are from the tip of his antennae 1.5″ long, and his width is 1.25″. They are purely decorative.  You can use our bugs to make pins, magnets, or use them just as they arrive.

  • We offer them in 5 packs
  • Also offered are 10 packs, where you get one bug free.
  • Give an email if you need bulk quantity- we’ll put our elves to work for you.
  • They are not edible, and should be kept away from small children as they are a choking hazard.
  • They are not a toy, but they sure are fun.