Cezanne Brook Rain Wrap


This Monet Garden RainCape is uniquely designed with famous artists’ images on one side and a coordinating color on the other. The Galleria RainCape comes with either a matching famous artists pouch. In this photo the lining looks very blue, in reality, I’d call it a cool turquoise or teal- an amazing color for red heads and brunettes.

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If you have to go out in the rain….you might as well look beautiful doing it~

So easy to wear- Effortless.  Magnetic closures at the neck and arms for windy days. A nice deep hood and a great little storage bag make these a dream to drop in your purse or suitcase. Please note that the lining in the photo looks more blue, in reality it looks to me in personal like a cool turquoise/ teal color. An amazing color for red heads and brunettes.

I love these RainWraps because I can keep my purse and my dog dry all under one fabulous looking coat.