Forever & Ever Prayer Box (Dog)


Sunshine Prayer Box~

Prayer boxes are one of my favorite little gifts. Just the right size, just the right price and so thoughtful. They make perfect gifts for communion, baptisms and graduation!

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These special little boxes are just adorable- they make perfect gifts for communion, baptisms and graduation! Every box features delightful artwork on top, fringe around the top lid and inside the specific message for that box. The Prayer Boxes say “When your hear starts to worry, and your mind just can’t rest, put your prayers down on paper, and let God to the rest-. Inside are fifty little designed pages and a mechanical pencil.  Just perfect and at a great price. Enjoy Giving yours~

  • Pencil 3″ L. Includes mechanical pencil inside. Enough notes for 50 prayers
  • tin box, paper, plastic.
  • 2.25 in L x 3.75 in W x .9 in H

"Let your faith be bigger than your heart. Fill your box with your dreams, goals and things you hope to do and accomplish. Write them down and keep them in your bucket list box. You have to want it more than you are afraid of it."