Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoo Packs


Wanting to take an elevated twist on the temporary tattoo craze, artist and founder Dani Egna created a line of chic and creative temporary tattoos inspired by her hand-drawn designs. With our signature on-trend style and worldwide fan base, INKED by Dani is redefining temporary tattoos into a whole new world of upscale, wearable art. These come in pretty little collection boxes.

Our designs are unique, fashion-forward, and the perfect way to express yourself – with out the commitment! INKED has taken the press and social media world by storm, and has quickly become the most talked about accessory for all ages. Find your favorite design pack. Easy to apply, long wearing.



  • Sizes range from 1.5″ x 1.5″ to 2″ x 2″ 
  • Comes in an adorable collection case for easy storage
  • Safe and non-toxic 
  • Just cut your design from the sheet its on.  Remove plastic protective sheet. Spray with water, or soak with water until you can see through the paper. Gently press on the design to ensure good contact. Slowly slide, or peel up the paper. Take a peek and make sure it’s sticking before removing.  Wait a minute to dry. I love to pat with my facial pressed powder to make it have more depth.
  • Long wearing, and easily removed with oil- thus, if your on the beach, protect it from sunscreen.
  • Hand Drawn designs by Dani.

Size Chart

Sizes range from 1.5" square to 2.5" square