Kitten- Hand Knit Wool Hat

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Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty….little Ball of Fur- Wonderful Angora blend for softness

Here’s what happens when you mix an artist with an architect, add a dash of culture and a big heart for compassion and serving their community.  These imaginative hats are just plain fun…that’s the only thing plain about them. Their fibers are locally raised, a delightful blend of strength and the softness of Marino wools.  Some designs incorporate angora to enhance the designs.  Being natural fibers the accommodate kids heads, but super for adults of all sizes and ages. Enjoy!

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These hats are just so fun for the holidays, rolling down the ski slope and just having fun!  Artistically created, artisan produced….these make wonderful gifts.

  • Peruvian Highland wool combines strength and softness
  • One of the Pioneering Companies for Fair Trade: getting education for children, safe work environment, Improving   life styles, fair wages, community support, supports local farmers.
  • Family Owned Company
  • Great fun for anytime of the year!
  • Please wash like a delicate- NO HOT WATER- lay out, shape to air dry please
  • One size fits most