Light Up Koi Goldfish Floater


Okay, before you judge me….these are lots of fun. I have one floating in my Koi pond, and it creates just a nice bit of light to bring me joy. Now picture this- you’re having a dinner party and guests are using your bathroom. Swag back the shower curtain, fill the tub with four inches of water, and let a few of your new Koi friends float in the tub. I promise you, it will be all anyone talks about at your party. Not your $40 block of cheese, but these crazy fish. Yes, these illumanted fish. I was looking at my friend’s Insta stories after our party and there were more photos of these fish than the guests. Kathleen wants to add that they can make a fun night time cat toy. Oliver loved it when she hid in the couch and he hunted his prey.

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