Liver Treats by Stella Snacks- Dogs Will Do ANYTHING for them!


Maddie loves her Liver Training Treats- Now back in stock at ArtWare!

Wholesome, and the perfect size. Dogs would do ANYTHING for a Liver treat. Locally made in Bluffton by Chef Teresa at her clean eatery- Avocado Blu. These are the treats that Maddie earned when she learned how to count to five and many more. When someone invites you to their home and says ‘no gifts’ I always bring them something for their dog. No one can argue about treating their dog well.

In stock (can be backordered)


Maddie saves her allowance for her very favorite dog treat in the whole world!  4oz. of all natural- human grade- dog snacks. Ingredients are Chicken liver, cornmeal, eggs, pumpkin, molasses and flax. Just plain, simple, dog loving ingredients.  About 4-6 calories per piece, they are the perfect size for training. Dried, they don’t leave any oily residue on your pocket or hands.  Maddie learned most of her tricks using these ‘high value’ training treats.  Locally made by Chef Teresa at Avocado Blu- she started years ago making them in rented kitchens, but I am proud to say she recently realized her dream of opening her own Clean Eating Eatery in Bluffton, SC.  A portion of her sales also benefit Rogue Rescue & Sanctuary also in Bluffton, SC.

  • 4 oz of Liver Training Treats
  • Resealable bag
  • Human grade ingredients
  • 4-6 calories make them the perfect size
  • No Oily residue, perfect to have in your pocket.
  • Lovingly made by a proud Dog Mom in Bluffton, SC