Positivity Bracelet Three Pack- Posi+ivi+y Carded- Black


I love these Positivity Bracelets!

I love to put on all three at the same time, and, when I cross paths with someone who is struggling, or working through a life challenge….I give him, or her one of my bracelets. It’s a tangible reminder to look for the positive in life. Each bracelet is black elastic that fits the majority of adults and older kids.  Rhodium plated for long wear. On the outside each reads posi+ivi+y on the inside it says Alexa’s Angels.  The three pack comes carded and with the printed message how important it is to be Positive- and to take care of each other.

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Crafted of Rhodium and Nylon. Stretch style. Each bracelet comes in a set of three with a “pass it on” concept to keep one and pass on the others. This three pack comes wrapped around a card that says ‘Pos+ivi+y- Wearable and shareable reminders to stay positive.  It’s just like the loose three pack- but carded makes a nice presentation.

On the back of the card it says:

Attitude is a choice….everyone loves a gift….and positivity is contagious!  Keep one bracelet for yourself and share the others with loved ones, friends, or even strangers. Be positive!  Pass it on and have fun!……Love, The Angels.

-Rhodium Plated

-Black Elastic

-One Card per three pack

-A Great Reminder to Stay Positive