Savannah Bee Honey Body Lotion


Experience a luxurious, long-lasting everyday lotion for silky skin! Honey naturally rejuvenates and softens your skin. Savannah Bee Honey Body Lotion is the daily solution to your skincare needs. Savannah Bee Honey Body Lotion is available in three fabulous scents: Wild Blackberry, Lemongrass Spearmint, and Tupelo Honey. Available in the smaller 1.7 oz tube and the 8oz..

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All three body lotions contain aloe vera, coconut oil, and honey to nourish and hydrate your skin. Our Honey Body Lotions are very gentle and perfect for your entire body! Honeybees make everything healthy naturally, including you! Savannah Bee Honey Lotion is made from 100% all natural ingredients, contain no parabens or petroleum, and are never tested on animals. We offer a 1.7 oz tube- perfect for your car, purse and travel, and the 8oz size perfect for the bed side table.