Savannah Bee Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation


Royal Jelly Night Time Rejuvenation Treatment provides transformative hydration from night until morning, working to diminish aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines. The transparent formula is power-packed with three honeybee hive ingredients: nourishing royal jelly, hydrating honey, and protecting propolis. Additionally, our formula brings together a variety of beneficial oils and extracts — including olive, sunflower, watermelon, lentil, and apple — to supply nutrients to skin as you sleep. Apple fruit extract is high in antioxidants like vitamin C and natural acids that help even complexions. Watermelon extract is an anti-aging agent that protects skin cells against damage caused by UV-rays. After a night of ultra-nourishment, wake up with silky, hydrated skin. Available in 2.0 fl oz pump bottle.


  • Perfect to put on your face and neck after a shower, or before bed
  • 2.0 container that you can travel with
  • Power packed with hive ingredients and natural oils and botanicals.