Scoot’s New Home- Hilton Head Adventures Book


This locally written book is simply charming. It follows the adventures of a little motor boat out exploring Skull Creek. Scoot meets local wildlife and gets to experience the bunk house of boats in the Skull Creek Boathouse. Big Blue- the Elevating Boat Lift has fascinated many a young person- adults too. Watching boats being carried from the Boathouse to the water is great dining entertainment when dining that Dockside or the Boathouse.
A wonderful, approx. 6 minute bed time story. Keep an eye out for Scoot’s new adventures, a new book coming soon from Ann Eilers Lilly, and her musician brother, Steven Eilers.

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  • Locally written by Ann Eilers Lilly, Illustrated by her brother Steven Eilers- a wonderful artist and musician in his own right. Ann and her husband love cruising the waters of Skull Creek in their own boat- Scoot that inspired the boat. Scoot does sleep in the Boathouse with his friends, and Big Blue.
  • 9.25″ tall, by 7.25″ wide.
  • local Author gold sticker on the cover
  • Books make a great gift, and ship early.
  • Approximately 6 minutes of bed time fun
  • Features local sites and wildlife to inspire young people who have visited Hilton Head Island, or to entice them to visit Hilton Head Island!