Mens Socks – Video Game Socks

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Now, you don’t the little darlings feet to get cold while they play hour, after hour, after hour of video games?! These socks will warm their feet, and their hearts. This wonderful company gives back to the community 1% for the Humanitarian Efforts of Doctors. Without Border.

•Men’s Shoe Size 7-12
•Combed cotton for comfort
•Nylon and Spandex for durability
•100% snarky to put a bounce in your step!

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These socks are just the best! Scan the group, and you’re sure to see a pair for everyone on your list. They ship so easy you can even send them in cards. A great blend of cotton for comfort, nylon and spandex for durability. Every pair has just the right amount of snark to put a bounce in your step!