Custom Celebration Bowls- 5 week delivery- IOU Cards Available-Includes Shipping!


These Custom Celebration Bowls Are An Amazing….And Amazingly Easy Gift To Give

Prices Includes Free Shipping-To Anywhere in the Cont. USA!

A Custom- Hand Thrown Pottery Bowl-Choose from two sizes,

four patterns and 23 Vibrant colors.

Production time is usually 4-5 weeks- We can provide an electronic IOU if your event is coming up fast. Just add your request to the special notes section as you order.

The Perfect Celebration gift for for Engagements, Weddings, New Arrivals, Baptisms, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, House Warmings, Awards, Retirement and so much more. Available in two sizes – 8″ or 13″, glazed in any of our 23 striking colors and your special message is written in the our artist’s very own handwriting. Handcrafted in the USA!


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When you get an Wedding, or special invitation in the mail- We’re the next person you think of next- for a meaningful, and easy to give present. Our Wedding & Celebration Bowls are so special, and so easy to give- we ship them right to your special person.

We start by throwing your bowl in one of our two sizes: 8″ or 13″. The 8″ is a great size, and small enough to be put in a cupboard. the 13″ is a statement- wonderful for a big salad, and to stay out on display year round. We glaze the bowls in any of our striking colors. Your special message is created by physically removing the glaze to reveal the creamy clay underneath. You’ll see your special message in the artists very own hand writing. Maybe it’s a couple’s first names and their wedding date….maybe words from their invitation that are meaningful to them. We’ve done lyrics from favorite songs. Usual production time is 4 weeks depending on demand- but fear not!….if you’re running close on time, we can make you a great IOU card to print and present at the event. Just request an IOU in the notes/comment section. We’ll put a gift card in the box so they know this wonderful gift is from you!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PAPER ORDER FORM Taupe and Leaf green are no longer available. Sky blue, Mazarine and Charcoal are the most popular colors. Waves is the most popular pattern. Such a special gift to share~